Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Does This Mean I Am Famous?

Look what I got from Mikey (The Horseshoeing Housewife):

Actually she gave it to several bloggers so maybe I'm not that great after all, but as much time as I have spent coming up with, preparing, and editing blogs the last few weeks, hey, I'll take the award!

Woo Hoo! Thanks Mikey!

And what else happened is, among others she gave it to was Carroll Farm which I hadn't seen yet, so I went over there to read, scrolling down reading stories and lo and behold, there is a picture of someone I think I recognize!

So I called my daughter:

Me: Is the guy who you have been riding horses for, named Josh?

Hilary: Yes.

Me: And does he have 5 kids?

Hilary: Yes.

Small world huh? And I had to laugh at their rain residual pictures, looked a lot like mine! So they are now on my links list as well... being neighbors, it seemed the neighborly thing to do!

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