Friday, January 25, 2008

I Love My New Boots!!!!!

I'd been thinking about it for a while, talked to my friend Mary about hers, and finally bit the bullet, so to speak, and bought a pair of those Ariat riding boots that are comfy like tennis shoes. Best part of all, although I'd not seen them out and about, is that they DO come in BLACK!
I LOVE THEM. No, seriously, I really, REALLY LOVE them.
I wear them all day Friday at work, my feet don't hurt a bit. I wear them all day riding etc., my feet don't hurt A BIT! So if you have been thinking about it too, DO IT! And I was lucky, just before Christmas "while supplies last" with every purchase of Ariat boots at Boot Barn (store or on-line) you got a free fleece vest... I've worn that a couple of times and it keeps me nice and warm.

Hey, did I mention that I LOVE MY NEW BOOTS?????

It made me sad, though, how quickly I got them dirty (I guess because I am wearing them so much?!?!)

So I even went and got another pair... to keep for GOOD!

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Mikey said...

Hmmm, those DO look comfy!!!