Tuesday, April 5, 2011


First thing when I got home was go out and check on Victor, and this is what I see... And I thought "oh crap Susie's baby got out of the pen!" So I rushed in and what do I find peeking out from behind Nikki... a WHITE face! That is NOT Victor!!!!
Protective mama...
So I scooped up the lil guy and mama followed me to the pen she has been spending nights in, fat lot of good THAT did... however I could see that IS actually where she gave birth! Got the two of them locked up away from the others so they could bond uninterrupted...
After two bottle babies last year, this sight is very welcome!

If that's not a long-suffering look I don't know what is... and I don't blame her, every time I turn around that boy is nursing again!

I love this hip swirl, can't figure out if it is a dragon or a question mark lol

Such a tiny boy...

For a first time mama, Nikki Renee has it down already!

My friend Laurie stopped by to see Victor and got two for one, and I talked her into taking pictures for me since Randy wouldn't be home until after dark.

That't AJ checking out the newbie... and a great picture of the foal, nice shot Laurie!

Laurie's reward for playing photographer, she got to be next :)

And poor little Victor, after all the hullaballoo with finding a new baby, I finally checked on him and found his little jaw and cheeks all swollen up!!! Immediately checked inside his mouth, tongue not swollen and he was nursing ok, so I got him half a Benadryl, and another half before I went to bed... no way to tell if it is a bee or scorpion sting, or a spider bite, but SOMETHING got him!

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