Friday, April 15, 2011

Katie Update - 3rd Trim

Katie is coming along wonderfully!

and after


and after

This is the right front from underneath, the same one we have been using to measure where the heel SHOULD be... I asked Rusty to point it out this time for a new pictures and his response was, NOW it is where it should be!

And this is the left rear, with the injury, it is really showing where the frog and hoof wall are compensating for the missing portion of hoof!

Rusty really amazed me today when he was trimming Glory, Sabrina asked what was that little crack on this front hoof, his answer was just a little stress crack probably caused by a change in feed oh, about 7 months ago... well I started counting in my head - and yup I got her EXACTLY 7 months ago, and she was fed nothing but alfalfa "before", which of course I changed asap! Now she gets grass hay for breakfast, blend pellets for dinner (the only alfalfa she gets now) along with beet pulp, rice bran and Amplify... can you spot the change?

And no Rusty didn't do mine, but look who else got a pedi today :)

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