Tuesday, April 19, 2011

National Guard Earth Day

What an awesome day, although it got a bit warm toward the end - by the time we got home and unloaded, the minis weren't the only ones needing a nap!

At first it was just the volunteers, families and Guard personnel...

Victor was shy and wouldn't approach the fence right off, but he finally got brave and then it was all over, he is a smart boy and figured out that these hairless, 2-legged creatures are very useful as scratching slaves!!!

And I finally caught him on camera, Nicholas is the only baby I have EVER had that nurses from BEHIND!!! I wonder if it is because his mama is taller than the rest... this blows me away that mama is so patient and allows it...

THEN the school buses arrived and it got really busy!

And then it was off for a walk with volunteer Heather, Ozzie and Emily Ann

Although Emily Ann quickly got stolen by some more eager volunteers

Then she saw this dinosaur and asked me if she could have her picture taken with it...she wasn't scared like this little girl!

The handler told her it was actually a "water monitor"

...and he even tried to give Emily Ann a kiss! Or was he after those pesky flies???

On the way back to the pen Ozzie stopped to admire the helicopter

He wanted to hop in but the step was too high

Victor decided he wanted to see why all the kids were climbing up in that big truck

Liberty Wildlife was there again with several birds including my favorite, Frodo the burrowing owl - SO CUTE!!!!!

Then 4 Guard approached, one I recognized from last year, he had walked Ozzie around and really enjoyed it so he wanted to do it again... he had a friend who agreed to take Emily Ann again, and then I said you need another friend to carry the poop bag and fork... the other 2 guys elbowed each other and said let's get out of here, we aren't scooping poop... so the first 2 guys each took part of the equipment and off they went...

Do you think he will be back next year again?

Ozzie is just SURE that this nice lady has a treat for him... pretty please with sugar on top

One of my AzBCR friends asked me to leave a couple donkeys and bring her back a Guard... and I actually had one in the pen... but he got away :(

And this made me laugh, Heather made her son take a picture of her scooping poop! I think she will be back next year as well...

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