Friday, April 1, 2011

Mathilda Goes Home

She wasn't happy about being in the trailer all alone, she and Emily Ann have bonded pretty well so it's hard to separate them... but she has a new friend her age at her new home, as well as a couple of other donkeys, and a bunch of sheep and zebu... even deer!

Yup she went to David, where I got my zebu from :) I am trading him for a baby girl, she isn't born yet but when she is, once she gets her wobbly legs under her (they aren't as quick as the donks I guess) then I get to bring her mama over here so I can raise her myself WOOT!

Here are some pictures we took today - unfortunately all these babies are BOYS or I could have had one tonight!

On this same trip to the east valley, we also visited Charles and Benjamin and got their microchips taken care of so I can catch up on registration papers, picked up Randy's Jeep after being repaired, picked up a fence panel I bought 6 weeks ago, picked up my cart and harness, AND had dinner...

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