Friday, February 18, 2011

Pederson Loop at Estrella

Today Laurie and DeAnn took off work to go ride and we met Sheila and Lynne down at Estrella Park. Lynn has a horse that likes to bolt after anyone who gets ahead of him and Sheila agreed to help her school him... it was OUR job to be the "testers" by taking off out ahead of him time after time. Which actually worked out great because we like to, and need to, move out with our horses so this ride was a great endurance practice. And because we didn't know the trails, when we got too far ahead we had to go back or stop and wait for Sheila to tell us which way to go... there are many intersecting trails out there and she lives close so knows them well. When we got to the Pederson Loop it started out pretty rocky and a lot of cholla but no weenies on this ride so we were fine. As we dropped over the mountain range to the back (south) side, the trail hooked up with a service road which went straight west as far as we could see... it was wide and sandy and PERFECT FOR LOPING... I think we did an extra two miles at least running back and forth waiting for Lynne and Sheila... what a fantastic trail, we were so happy!!!! And we are definitely planning to do THAT ONE again REAL SOON!

By the way I took Glory and although I brought them along just in case, I never even had to put her boots on, her feet are rock solid!!! WAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO I sure love that mare!!!!!

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