Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just My Luck...

Today was supposed to be a LOVELY ride out at Courthouse Rock... Well, I got up at 5, picked Laurie and her Katie up at 6:30, picked DeAnn and Ginger up just after 7... We were on the 303 just past Northern when suddenly there was grey smoke pouring out from the right side of the trailer - THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!! Pulled over right quick and jumped out to find this:

Well CRAP. Called our ride host K and told him something was wrong and not to wait for us. Called Randy and got him on the way. Took some doing but DeAnn and I talked Laurie into getting hold of Melwood, who was still behind us, she stopped and we transferred Laurie and Katie and all their stuff into Melwood's rig so she wouldn't miss the ride. DeAnn said she wouldn't leave me and we thought Mary had already passed us while we were picking DeAnn up, BUT just as we loaded Katie, Mary pulled in behind Melwood... so it REALLY took some doing but I convinced DeAnn to ask and Mary said sure, so we loaded Ginger and DeAnn and all their stuff into Mary's rig and WHEW I feel better that neither of the girls had to miss the ride because of my breakdown...

Shortly after that Randy pulled up, thankfully it's a broken SPRING not the axle, so he set to work fixing it so we could get the trailer home - got the rear tire up on the trailer buddy jack, removed the front tire, got some wood blocks set and got the axle strapped:

...and with him in the Jeep behind me with flashers on, we got off the 303, took Glendale over to Cotton, limped north to Bell, then headed west so we could take the back way home - bumpy dirt road for part of 219th but at least we weren't on the 303 and the 60... we made it safely home on 3 trailer tires just after 10:00 a.m. So I texted the 4 girls hoping someone's phone would get it so they wouldn't worry. They promised to take lots of pictures and have extra fun for me!!

If I could have just xeroxed myself, there was room in Mary's trailer for my horse darn it... but I figured I better not even ask Randy if I could go ride and leave him to deal with the rig {eyes rolling here} and I was right, he said that would have been pushing it past the limit {sigh}. At least I don't have to worry about fixing it, that will be his problem!

But doesn't if just figure, I finally get a truck that can haul the trailer without breaking down... and the darn trailer breaks!!!

So I guess I will go out back and try to get caught up on my poop-scooping :(

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