Sunday, February 13, 2011

Antifreeze Ride

Our 3rd annual "antifreeze" ride got postponed from January because the rains over New Years had rendered the trail unsafe... we went today but the "antifreeze" wasn't really necessary, it was a gorgeous day! We rode at Granite Mountain north of Prescott. Our leader JoAnn and blue, blue skies... We found a couple little patches of snow, DeAnn's Arab gelding Onyx had never seen snow before! He thought it was going to eat him at first. When we found a second patch after our lunch stop, it was old hat to him... and Glory was thinking, hey, at least it's not falling from the sky... and it's NOT COLD!!!! I think she was remembering the Resolution Ride lol. A shot of the lake that we can see from the trail but aren't allowed to take the horses to... On the way back, towards the end, we got to REALLY have some fun {grin}
And once we were untacked we let the horses scratch the sweaty spots in the sandy wash...

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Ms Martyr said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Here's a stupid question for you. Can horses get fleas? Their rolling reminded me of the sand fleas we used to have in California that plagued our dog (and my ankles!)