Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun In Rainbow Valley

Today I took Katie down to Rainbow Valley to ride with friends. Checking all week it has been back and forth on whether it was going to rain today, this morning it said cloudy all day and rain at night so I took the chance, and boy am I glad I did! It was nice ALL DAY!!!!! We were in the sand wash quite a bit and I didn't want Katie's boots filling up with sand so I left them off to start with, at first the road we took had some rocks and she would flinch sometimes, but once in the wash she was fine. We took the wash down to the Gila River and in the river bottom there were more rocks so more flinching but again, once off the rocks, no more limping or flinching, so she was only reacting to actually stepping on them and not hurting herself. When we left the sand to head up the mountain to the mica mine, I did put her boots on the front, and even so if she stepped directly on a rock she would still flinch... but she did great and at the end of the day, even her rears (that were never booted) were in great shape! Rusty is going to be so proud...

The group was invited to stay for dinner and a movie but I had to get home to feed, shower and change as I had a wedding reception to go to in Wickenburg, for Matt at Serenity Farms and his bride Patti. We had a nice time there, I've never been to Wickenburg Country Club, it was a nice place. While we were there it started to rain... and it didn't stop. But hey it was dark, I was done riding... and after 2 full days of riding, I was feeling MUCH better - no more cranky woman!!!

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