Friday, February 25, 2011

Bulldog Wash

Well I cannot find my camera... the case and the memory card are on the computer desk where the camera should be but it's not there... and I've checked everywhere else I can think of - no camera. BUMMER! I am sure it is here somewhere, I just hope it's not too long till I come across it. Otherwise I would have some awesome pictures to share from our ride today.

We went out to Usery Pass and rode Bulldog Wash all the way to the Salt River. What beautiful country!!! On the way back we went over the mountain trail which was quite technical, and high enough we could see the Fountain Hills fountain when it went off... Glory did awesome even though we didn't really gait much, it was a good workout plowing through the sand wash and then the up-and-down trail over the mountain which was quite technical so another type of good workout. And once again I brought her boots but never had to put them on, gotta love that mare's feet!

Well I'll have to go ride out there again when I find my camera! Shucks darn...

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