Monday, November 2, 2009

Two For One???? Unbelievable...

I am beside myself with joy guys... to say again, **WARNING** graphic birthing pictures!!!

When I got to work this morning I asked my boss if I could work through lunch and leave at 4, so I could have a little daylight with my new foal and get more pics. She said no problem thank God!!!

Because I wasn't home 15 minutes, changed clothes and went out with Randy and the camera to take my gotta-have-it shot of me holding the baby donkey... We walked in the pen and I heard a gushing sound, turned to look and Susie Q is laying down in a big puddle... I said "Oh my God is Susie in labor" and Randy said yes and oh boy...

She was in the middle of what we call the "garden" - we don't grow veggies or flowers, just donkeys but the gal who lived here before, this section was her garden so we have always called it that. With her little sister, Taffy's youngster and my mini mare in the same pen, we figured Susie Q had to move. Just like Taffy she was up and down so when she got up we led her a short distance into the pen where Taffy delivered this morning and shut the gate on the others.

I know, I know, shut up and get to the pictures...

The bubble...

First hoof

Perfect presentation again, two front hooves and a nose AND a tongue, can you see it?

Hoof breaks the sac

Halfway out (blurry, sorry! i was so excited i had a hard time holding still)

Almost out

Poor little thing was SOAKED, it was weird to see two in one day and so different! There wasn't much liquid with the little girl, but this one had a LOT. Shook its head and water drops flew everywhere, shining in the setting sun. kept sneezing too and drops flying out the nose, but that was a good thing, clear all that out!!!

I started texting while I was watching, but didn't really need the distraction to make the time pass... Taffy took about 45 minutes this morning, Susie Q finished in about TEN!! One friend asked if I was home and could they come over... I said sure, but by the time they arrived baby was out and up already. And they only live 10 minutes away!

The front legs were folded like a pretzel, baby kept trying to get up and falling on its nose. I felt sorry for it and gently untangled those long legs.

Once they were out in front UP baby went... And right back down. So i took the opportunity to look under that tail and found Dillon has another son! For those of you that remember Clementine, this is her little brother.
Another Bambi on the ice!
But he wouldn't give up
And one leg at a time
UP again!!

Mama comes to say how proud she is {I know, blurry again - sigh}

Poor little guy, just like people, mama always trying to clean him up!

First visitors

And now for food...

He knows it's there somewhere...

A little out of kilter but we heard that slurping!

My babies have been pretty good about telling me their names, but sometimes it takes a while. i've got nothing yet on this one, but I told our visitor that if I don't get anything real strong... I just might name this donkey after HIM!

What an incredible day. I should be dead tired, I've been up so long, but I'm flying high!!!


Tracey said...

Beautiful! And congratulations!

I posted lambing photos a couple years ago and do you know? All the city boys who read it were totally excited! I thought they'd be grossed out, but nope.

mrscravitz said...

Well congrats on number two! A girl and now a boy! HOW NICE! AND for YOU to witness BOTH births! AMAZING!

They are so dang cute, I just want to reach through the computer and hug them! LOL I sure hope you post lots of pictures of them growing up!

Mrs Mom said...

Baby central out there- way cool!! Beautiful babies Susan- thanks so much for posting the birth pix too. ALways something to welcome new life and when that new one has long ears, well, its just that much more better ;)

Little House in the Desert said...

Wow! I have never seen a donkey birth! I have to say I am blown away by how BIG they come out! I was expecting something half the size! they are 1/3 the size of their mom! Looking at the pre-birth pictures I never would have guessed the baby was that big in there. Can you imagine if the human babies we birthed our selves were that big?! My goodness! How neat you had the camera for both births, the one that dried off with the curley hair sure is cute.