Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indian Wife Named Four Horses...

That was me today. Because YESTERDAY I asked Randy to take daylight pics of our new little boy and he FORGOT. I ask you... HOW????????? Some days I just don't understand him. Now everyone is after me to post dry pictures of the little boy and I still don't have any.

So today I am the Indian Wife named Four Horses... have you heard that one? A white man asked the Indian why his wife was named Four Horses. He shrugged and said, "you know....





LOL but I got the job done, Randy called mid-afternoon to say he took some pictures for me. Of course it's Wednesday and we have Midweek Fellowship so I'll have to see if I can stay awake long enough after I get home tonight LATE to get them uploaded and downloaded - or is that downloaded and uploaded?

PS the young man says his name is CHARLES!

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