Sunday, November 1, 2009

Still Waiting

No donkey foals this morning so I went on a ride with some friends. Turned out twice as long as we planned and I ran out of water, not good! It had gotten quite warm here again today. But I came home and cooled off then went back out and got Maggie, rode her just a bit, then got Luna and did the same with her. I'm exhausted and I need a shower but I did cry happy tears to be back on Luna again. I can get on my Katie or Paint Mare without even a thought, and do anything. I hate it that my youngun scares me... or any strange horse for that matter. Maggie behaved just fine and so did Luna so it was a good night. But no pictures as Randy and Hilary were in the house. It was getting close to dusk anyway and the lighting just isn't good :(

Tomorrow it's back to work {blech}

And the real highlight of my day was the photo text I got on my phone while I was riding - from Mikey! With 1st place belt buckles for Mercy and Mikey :) YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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