Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Busy Week!

Well I don't have any pictures - don't shoot me!! I had a nice ride on Saturday morning with a few neighbors and Lindsey rode Luna who was a total b*tch again. Geez. But I got on her Saturday late afternoon and rode her around the yard and she was perfect.

My dear friend Shirley came over Sunday to ride, perfect timing after a quick trip to Wickenburg for breakfast at Cowboy Cafe for me and Randy :) and a stop at Matt's (Serenity Farms) where I got a few necessities and a new cantle bag, AND a new water bottle carrier - which I discovered, during our 3-hour ride, works REALLY well! My frozen water bottle didn't melt!

A very nice young lady came over on Sunday afternoon to ride Maggie, our horse guest, and they clicked really well. Maggie's owner Mary came over to meet Savannah and her mom Tammy and I got some more good reports on our Ruby as well. And I rode Luna again. That's my goal, to get her going again, even if it's only 10 minutes and one time around the yard, I've got to keep her working.

Then yesterday I got the call that a deal was made, Maggie is going to be Savannah's new horse and her gelding is going to Mary's - but Mary says, he is going to be a horse for hubby and daughter - SHE WANTS RUBY! I am so happy to hear that Ruby is such a good match for Mary!

I rode Luna again and we had a real breakthrough. Normally when I send her around in the round pen without a lead rope on, when I ask her to stop she turns her butt to me - which of course is a BIG NO-NO! I know there is a way to tell her not to do that and I have been shown more than once but I just couldn't get her to face me. So I started using the lead line AND the round pen, and when I ask her to whoa, I give a little tug on the rope and MAKE her face me. Well last night I sent her around without a lead rope and when I said WHOA she just stopped and faced me pretty as you please. WOO HOO!

Of course tonight my plans to ride got sidetracked darn it. But I had Savannah and her mom here to pick up Maggie and drop off Blaze, and Mary came to meet Blaze and ride him a bit, and two other neighbors stopped in to see the new donkey foals AND one of them wanted to meet our rescue donkey Abigail and really liked her, so much she is going to try adopting her as a companion for her horse! So even if I didn't get to ride Luna tonight, it was a very productive evening!

Luna will get a double break though as tomorrow night is Midweek Fellowship and by the time I get home after 10pm I do NOT feel like riding! Blaze is our guest until Friday when I have the day off work and can deliver him - I told Mary I would bring a horse, and maybe a friend, and we are going for a little ride Friday morning as well! I'll try to get some pictures, and some more foal pictures too, very soon!!

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