Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just What We Needed...

Vada went into labor this afternoon! Randy called me to come home from work, we had a feeling things weren't going right but were comparing the timing to Darci and not quite sure, called my friend Stayce (where I got Darci from) who said it sounds like there is a puppy stuck and suggested we go on in and we decided being a holiday weekend we'd best do it, did NOT want to end up back at the ER because (a) they were NOT nice people and (b) it would cost a lot more - upon arrival the vet prepared us for the worst, she couldn't feel any pups moving! But when they came out almost two hours later we had 3 live pups and mama doing fine... I asked how many pups and they said just 3, so all were saved. The stuck one had feet in the right tunnel and head turning back into the other uterine horn so would never have come out on its own, thank God and Stayce we went in when we did, if we had waited a couple more hours we would have lost at least that pup and maybe all of them.

Darci's pups the first time weighed, in ounces, 2.0 2,0 2.5 and the second time 2.5 1.5 and 3.15 - Vada's pups weighed 6.0 6.5 and 7.0!!! No wonder she was so huge!!! She is spayed and the rest of them will be fixed as soon as we can scrape up the money (anyone want to buy a truck or trailer?), I am so done with this. The donkeys are MUCH easier! Lots of people tell us they want a dog just like ours but we have decided this is their only chance, after this they just have to go look somewhere else. It's not worth risking our girls.

Randy is frustrated with the "grand" vet bill (yes, a THOUSAND dollars!!) but it could have been much worse, at least the pups survived! That's a better percentage than the bill for half that much for Darci with only one pup to show for it... I think breeding dogs is just like breeding horses - the only way to make a little money from it is to start with a LOT!

So all total we have a tiny fawn boy from Darci, and a fawn boy, fawn girl and black/white boy from Vada. Darci is helping Vada with her pups as she is still disoriented from the anesthesia and a little weirded out by these strange creatures since she was asleep when they arrived. But she is settling in and it looks like all will be well.

Unfortunately the pups will not be old enough to leave mama by Christmas but if anyone doesn't mind a late Christmas present they will be ready mid-January. However if anyone needs a puppy for Christmas the boy born last March is available, he is cute as the dickens and really sweet, but the old (86) lady who bought him decided she just can't handle a pup. Justin is already neutered and has had all his shots so you won't have those expenses... she has about $500 in him and would like to get some of that back, she knows she can't get it all back... so feel free to make me an offer to present to her.

There will be no more puppies around here, this IS your LAST CHANCE!!!

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