Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Too bad I didn't have my camera along but even if I had, I doubt I could have caught them, they are so fast. From time to time I see a roadrunner as I travel Patton Road, and they always make me smile.

This morning I saw TWO! One about halfway out, and a second right before I got to the highway...

What a neat way to start the day!

I have added a new blog to my list. Check out Equine Outreach Community

PS - On the way home tonight, I saw ANOTHER roadrunner!!! (Actually I think it was the second from this morning again, since it was in the same area.)

Then while riding Luna I spotted - and had Randy come and pick up - a quarter, and later on, A FORK! And it looks just like our forks!!! So home it came and into the dishwasher!!


Tish said...

Love roadrunners, except when they are following my quail babies, or "shopping" at the hummingbird feeders.

kdwhorses said...

I have seen a few every once in awhile here. You know I always though they were bigger!