Friday, May 29, 2009

Meeting Mr. Wrong

OK so this is a book review. Well, it was going to be. That will now come in a later blog post. For now... I just got this book yesterday, first of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover! I will {try to jack a picture of it from the author's blog to post here}, I've seen it before but tiny pictures, to see the actual book I can honestly say that this picture would make me buy the book if I saw it in the's perfect!
{Got it!}

So I just opened it today with my breakfast and I barely got through the Acknowledgements! I had to put it down and immediately log on to and tell you what I felt... I've already laughed out loud and I've already cried - from a less-than-2-page acknowledgement!!!! If any of you have met Stephanie Snowe (That Chick Over There) whose blog is JasonForTheLoveOfGod, then I probably don't have to tell you how good she is. For those of you who haven't - WHAT IS KEEPING YOU???????

Now if you will excuse me, I HAVE A BOOK TO GO READ!!!!!

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Mikey said...

I know, she is SO FUNNY!! Oh my goodness, do not be drinking anything while reading that book. I LOVE Stephanie Snowe :)