Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Pupdate On The Boys

Just some cute shots I got this morning of "the boys"...
Ty who is now 4 months old

Sherman, 15 months

Sherman again and Radar (who is dad of the pups), who is now 13 months

Rocket, almost 11 months

Jacob, my granddog, about 9 months - you might remember that he is cousin to Sherman and Rocket

From left to right, Ty, Rocket, Jacob, and Sherman

Shasta had to get her big head in the way but look how tiny Darci's puppy is next to her! And there's Jacob again...

Ty and Justin (yes I know, do NOT name the puppy or he's not leaving... but I have to call him SOMETHING and "Boots" is just not working for me any more...) Still no buyer in sight so if you are local and know of anyone looking for a really cute, really small chihuahua pup send them my way - QUICK!!! He's already stolen my heart :)

Guess I will have to take the camera out again and try to get "the girls" and the older dogs... Seems odd to post dog pictures and not have Tank, Samson and Delilah (who look so cute since they just got groomed), a better shot of Shasta, and of course Darci and Vada. Can't get Zacchaeus right now as he is visiting "the fat farm" aka Lindsey's house... he put on a lot of weight after we got him fixed last year and she got Grace and Ahgee slimmed down real nice over there so if it works for Zacchaeus too, I told her that Shasta would be next lol.

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