Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Snake Of The Season...

Got a text last night from my friend Mary, killed the first rattlesnake of the season on her back porch... found it because my granddog Chelsie was nose to nose with it!!! Must have been cold or sick as it didn't even coil or try to strike and luckily Chelsie listened when she was called off... so Mary put the dogs in the house, got the shovel and baby snake lost its head... didn't even really try to strike at Mary! I asked her what she did with it and she said it was bagged in the trash so I asked her to go get it and put it in the freezer... in the back of my mind is Mikey skinning snakes and wouldn't it be cool to give Randy one to hang in his {indoor} shop... Mary says EEWWW but does it :)

So I e-mailed Mikey back and forth and long story short we have a date with a couple of dead snakes!

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