Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Last Dragoon Ride

This morning before the looooong drive home, 6 of us went bushwacking in the opposite direction of yesterday's ride. We had a fabulous time finding our own trail...

and ran across some "wild" horses who came to say hello.
We were all fighting over the buckskin lol

If I lost out on the buckskin I was ready to take the dapple palomino instead... but through a cell phone call to our ride host we found out these were NOT strays, just turned out ranch horses, darn it!

Look - someone's going home!

A stop for a photo op

What a gorgeous ravine... can't you just hear the water gurgling over the rocks when it rains?

Three Sisters Ranch, the home of the horses we saw

Headed back to camp

Coming through this gully on the way back to camp I spotted a cow carcass but darn it I didn't take a close enough look... Kathy did however and got herself something special... well, Linda actually got it for her...

We were amazed that Kathy's horse would carry the skull - and look at those horns!

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