Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

Well I guess not really, because on my calendar it says "Columbus Day Observed" - which generally means that the actual date wasn't convenient so the "powers that be" decided to celebrate on a different day that was more convenient.

Hhhmmmm. That doesn't happen with Christmas, New Years, or Independence Day.

Of course, Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on a Thursday and Memorial Day and Labor Day are ALWAYS on a Monday.

Is that how they decide whether it is a "major" holiday or a "minor" holiday? And does that make Valentine's Day an even MORE minor holiday because nobody even gets a day off work for it? We get mail and everything... So I've been pondering the "merits" of a holiday...

At my old job, that I had for 16 years, I was kinda spoiled. Their criteria was, if there is no mail and the courts and banks are closed, IT'S A HOLIDAY and we didn't have to come to work.

My high school daughter had the day off school. My college daughter was ticked off because she had to go to school.

Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter any more because I? I had to work today. :(

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