Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dork Alert

Yup that's me. Wearing a helmet.

You see, 3 of my friends have gone off their horses in the last 6 weeks. All 3 of them damaged their helmets pretty seriously.

To the point where they might not even be here today if they hadn't had their helmets on...

I've been planning to get one for a while but what happened to Kandace, Melanie and Vicki just really clinched it for me. Last weekend I borrowed one for the ride after trying on several to see what worked best. This week - I bought one.

Lots of folks on our riding website ( are wearing them now. We talk a lot about how dorky they look. Some gals try to convince themselves they aren't dorky. I say, wrong! There's no getting around it. BUT - not as dorky as drooling in a corner because you DIDN'T have one on... right? And I have a husband and kids and a bunch of critters that are depending on me to be around!

And look! I found one that was "ranch blue"!!!!!

Just wait till I get the accessory like my friend Melanie got...


Debby said...

Safety first!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey! The blue brings out your pretty eyes!

Pony Girl has a blue one,too.
If it keeps your head from cracking like en egg that's all that matters.
My helmet is white. The sun is too strong here at 7,000 ft in NM, so I went with a lighter color to reflect the sun.
I'm getting pretty good at remembering to wear it every time, just like I buckle up in the car.

Hmmm...I wonder if they'll ever come up with a slogan for helmets and horses, like they have for cars and seat belts?


"Wrap your Noggin', Or you can't go Trottin'"


"A helmet on your Head, will keep you from being Dead"


"A helmet worn while on your Horse,
will keep you Safe, of course!"


Ishtar said...

I rode for seven years full speed (n helmet) in the Niger bush without having a single accident but then woke up in hospital after a serious concussion. I've been wearing a helmet ever since. Accidents happen: you don't have to be a bad rider, or ride a bad horse. Arwen and I were doing great when I remember the pair of us losing our balance (for no apparent reason) and my last thought before losing my memory got to be "This doesn't look so good..."

Besides, once you get used to wearing it, you actually end up wearing it with pride!