Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet Jake

What is this? And who's lap???

Yup it's a pup and that is my daughter Hilary.
I told her no. If I said it once I said it THIRTY times. No Hilary you can NOT have this puppy, Randy will NOT be happy!!!

"Oh don't worry Mom, I will talk to him... it will be fine."

Go back and read this about 30 times and you will see what I went through this weekend.

The pup came home in our truck. His name is Jake. Funny thing is, he is cousin to Sherman, Rocket and Zeus. His mother is the sister of their father. Got that??

And for those of you who are counting {MIKEY!} yes this is #15. {sigh}

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Debby said...

Randy: Not all that much like Tim. He'd have kilt me.