Monday, May 9, 2011

Foaling Season Ends on a Good Note!

FINALLY Ellie Mae had her foal... I was beginning to think I was crazy, per my records from last year she was due no later than April 24, but she had barely an udder, and then it went away! Being a maiden jennet she wasn't REAL huge but big enough that I sure didn't think she could hold off until October... I was hoping for another boy so I could sell him and put more in the hay fund, prices are crazy... but the first thought in my head when I saw the foal this morning was OH I HOPE IT'S A GIRL SO I CAN KEEP IT! What a cutie... BUT it IS a boy, so someone is going to get a REALLY adorable lil donk!

Yes, he has spots in his blaze!

Looks just like Nicholas but MORE white on his hips...

Victor wants to know why he can't come in and play!

Still not much of an udder under there but lots of nipple and the lil guy is nursing away - just goes to show that like people, some donkeys are just different!

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