Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolution Ride - Day 1

Didn't get near enough sleep - huddled in the trailer in my nice warm bed with my nice warm puppies, I felt so guilty listening to it rain and rain and rain on my poor cold wet girls outside - but since there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it, I just kept trying to sleep. Up early and FINALLY it had stopped raining... dressed in multiple layers and got my horse tacked up and off we went to ride - Shirley on Gypsy, Sabrina on Patch, and me on Glory.

It was overcast and breezy and very, very cold but the forecast said no rain so we tried to be optimistic... AND THE WEATHER HELD!

Just a few pics...

Shirley and Gypsy

Sabrina and Patch

A cold and blustery day but a REALLY nice trail...

We were having an awesome ride... over halfway through the second loop I got a funny feeling and started looking at the sky... I called out to the girls that I thought the forecast might be wrong, it was sure looking like it was going to rain again... AND IT STARTED SNOWING! Yes, SNOWING! In Rio Verde, Arizona!!! So ok technically the forecast was correct... it didn't RAIN. We were loving it, laughing and riding with our mouths open to catch snowflakes on our tongues... sounds crazy to those of you who live in snow but this NEVER happens to us so we enjoyed the heck out of it!

Not too many pictures as this showed it better:

Click here

We finished in the snow, vetted in and headed to camp to get the horses taken care of... and it just kept snowing!

More Cup-O-Noodles and Rummikub and it had quit by the time of the ride meeting and almost melted away already... we found out that we all placed in the top 10!!! Well ok there were a total of 10 riders but we got 2nd (Sabrina), 3rd (Shirley) and 6th (me) so we done good!!!

*Glory actually came into camp first of our group of 3, but she is still pretty excitable and getting used to this endurance thing, so she takes longer to pulse down... hence the 6th, 2 other riders came in after our group but pulsed down to get their finish times before she did...

So far so good... Day 1, SUCCESS! 1 down, 2 to go...

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