Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution Ride 2010 - Setting Up

No pictures for this post as it started raining right after we got there...

I headed out the gate right on time to meet up with Shirley and Sabrina... all was well rolling down Patton Road. I slowed to turn left at Crozier and as I tried to accelerate north (yes tried!) - well, the itty bitty truck was acting funny. Sluggish and not wanting to go, the gas pedal felt weird, I had to push awful hard... could barely get the RPMs to 2000. I peered down into the darkness at my feet but couldn't see anything... But all gauges looked ok and in the rearview mirror I could see that nothing was leaking out of the truck onto the road, so I pushed with all my might and kept on trucking... I was afraid if I called Randy he would say come home and then I'd be late! I kept a very close watch on the gauges and the rearview and boy was my leg getting tired from trying to keep going, but if I pushed with all my might I could eventually get it up to speed and I had left myself extra time so even though I was a few minutes later than I thought, I still had time to stop at the Albertson's on Carefree Highway and pick up the apples and carrots I had forgotten to get for the horses. Also picked up some Cup-O-Noodles which turned out to be a REALLY good thing...

But I am getting ahead of myself. I got out of the truck in the Albertson's parking lot and, standing in the door, could see the floor much better - lo and behold, UNDER MY GAS PEDAL WAS AN ORANGE! Last weekend my friend Melanie insisted I go home with 2 bags of citrus from her trees, they rolled all over going home so I had a devil of a time getting them all back in the bags to take in the house. Apparently I missed one (eyes rolling).

The rest of the trip all was normal with the truck. I'm SO GLAD that I didn't call Randy {sigh}.

Arrived at base camp just a few minutes behind Shirley and Sabrina and as we began to set up camp it began to sprinkle... and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse. We got the horses all set up and blanketed and into Sabrina's camper we went, wet and cold. Rummikub and Cup-O-Noodles got us through the afternoon, we did manage to get checked in, vetted in and attend the ride meeting and just kept drying off and getting warmed up in between. Shirley's minestrone soup was an awesome dinner... and we went to bed fairly early.

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