Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cave Creek/Carefree Lighted Christmas Parade

We needed to be in our staging area BEFORE 4:30 so I aimed early and actually accomplished this! In fact we were there by 4!!!

Sister hug!

Getting ready

Some pics without flash while waiting...

Laurie with Spot, and behind them, Jennifer with Ellie Mae
Mikey with Peter Pan (wow did that flash pick up the red or what?) and Mercy with Ozzie

Our poop scooping crew, Dan and David
Isn't David's hat appropriate???
My sweet lil girl Sarah Beth was being such a pistol, the inexperienced gal that was supposed to walk her got lucky that my horse friends Keith and Kat showed up to wrangle her!
Our little snow princess and her mount Foxy
My lil precious Emily Ann (this is our bottle baby!)
What a ham...

Milly Jo refused to walk the whole first half of the parade... so this poor dad had to PUSH!

Santa was pulled, but not by 8 tiny reindeer...
It's my granddonkey MADELINE!
Yup still pushing {sigh} - actually shortly after this, she got irritated enough to give a mighty kick, which dad luckily dodged! And she walked the rest of the parade nice as you please!!!

You wouldn't believe who got the MOST applause...

Isn't she the cutest thing?

Betty Lou and Mathilda

Emily Ann again

A grandma picture with my Madeline...

A different perspective here:


Mikey said...

That was so much fun! You got everybody! You know I didn't realize that was Madeline up front pulling the cart. I didn't realize there WAS a cart, lol, until we all lined up (I'm oblivious, what can I say, there was a lot to look at!)
Loved it, GREAT pictures!! You're the best!

Debby said...

Gees. I thought I left a comment here... duuuuuhhhhh.

This looks like such a good time. I loved looking at the faces of all the folks on the side lines. What a display. What a good idea.