Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Ride... and Cassie!

What a fantastic way to spend Christmas morning... since all our kids are gone, and Randy sleeps quite late anyway, I went riding with friends...

Can't fit a Santa hat over my helmet so Katie had to wear it ;)

Even Sherman had a Christmas bow!

Melanie's horse Gandalf borrowed her Santa hat for a picture
Can't you just see how much Katie LOVES her hat?

I made into town to the in-laws, albeit late, and was eating my heated-up leftovers when I got a call from a friend... she was on her way to my house with a donkey! She has e-mailed me a couple of weeks before, her husband's mother married a guy about a year or so ago, he had among other critters a 4-year-old standard donkey he had raised as a bottle baby, well he died! Mom didn't know what do to with the critters, so my friend asked if I would take the donkey if need be... I hadn't heard anything since so I was a little surprised but I had time to finish Christmas and get home before they arrived... meet Cassie!

She is the sweetest thing but rather depressed, I think she misses her papa something fierce... so I am going to try and get her adopted out real quick to a new forever family... that is, after my endurance ride this week!

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Ms Martyr said...

Cassie looks adorable. Hope she finds a forever home soon.
Can't believe they had to find a home for her on Christmas Day. Couldn't do it before or after. Glad you were available.