Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Granddog Visit

No pictures darn it but the cutest story... we had dinner with our friends Frankie and Carol tonight on the way to dance lessons... last spring they took Darci's pup Justin home with them. After dinner Carol asked if we had time to stop by and see Justin, and of course I couldn't say no!

Well we walked in the door and Justin pulled a typical chihuahua move, he started yapping like crazy and backed up through the doorway into the other room, peeking around the corner at me and wouldn't stop barking... I talked to him, called his name, nothing worked... until I said, "Don't you remember Grandma?" Well I guess Grandma was the magic word, as he immediately stopped yapping and started wagging and ran right to me, jumped up on his hind legs, let me pick him up and smothered me with kisses... what a happy boy he was, he about wagged his tail right off his lil behind!

Now that's the greeting a grandma lives for!

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