Saturday, October 30, 2010

McDowell Mountain Park Endurance Ride - WOOT!

Sorry no pictures, I can't believe I forgot the camera... I've never been to McDowell Mountain Park, I just LOVED the trails... partnered up with a gal I sure hope to ride with again, Ellen and her lovely mare Feather, and we had a FABULOUS ride. Glory and Feather were a well-matched team, kept a good pace and we had a blast. For the first time, Glory was already pulsed down at both the interim and the final vet check, so no worries there... and for those interested in stats, we finished 23rd out of 30 completions, with an additional 7 riders who came in over time and so did not technically finish. AHAA put on this ride and it was a first for the coordinator, she did a great job! I wanted to get back home but it's been a loooooooong day topped off by a 2-hour drive home, so if I left anything out, feel free to ask and I'll check back on the comments...

And I have to say a BIG thank you to my husband Randy for coming home early on Friday afternoon to stay with Ozzie, my lil mini, who decided to have a bout with colic - of all days! Had the vet out and he said he thought it would be ok if I went ahead and left so long as someone kept an eye on Ozzie... if it weren't for Randy I'd have missed Moab AND McDowell!!!

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Mikey said...

That's so very awesome! You're getting to ride some really cool trails all over AZ this way. Wish I had the endurance you do (pun fully intended).