Monday, October 4, 2010

As Promised, Baby Donkey Pictures!

Just some random shots in no particular order...

This mama loves her baby girl :)

Lindsey wanted me to take a picture of her holding both foals...

I had to get in on it because I never did get anyone to take pictures of me holding Peter Pan :(

"What is that in front of your face, Grandma? It sure doesn't look like a bottle, like I HAVE!"

She already LOVES to have her lil bum scratched!

Checking out Zacchaeus, look at that lil tail go!

Zacchaeus always loves the babies, he lays outside the pen every time we have a foal, hard to get him to leave that first day... looks a little off in the picture, he is just being cautious, he isn't afraid or mean at all...

Introducing Peggy Sue's lil spotted girl to Betty Lou... maybe, just maybe...

Yes, we did try, once Mathilda had a chance to get her colostrum from mama, to see if Betty Lou would take the spotted foal too... and she would have, but the poor lil thing had learned her lesson all too well - "If I stick my head under THERE, I get KICKED!" So it was a no-go darn it!

And as you can well imagine, I am thrilled to see this:

And yes you read right, the SECOND baby already has a name... however we aren't quite sure yet about the FIRST one {sigh} hopefully something will settle very soon! See last year, when Taffy Leah was pregnant, I talked to that belly all the time, saying if you are a girl you will be Sarah Beth and you will get to STAY... and it worked! Sarah Beth is almost a year old now and a lovely lil donk! So this year, I talked to Peggy Sue's belly too, saying if you are a girl you will be Liza Jane and you will get to STAY! BUT in my mind, Liza Jane was a chocolate baby like her mama and her big brother John Henry... the spots really did surprise me! On top of that, Lindsey says her name is Emily {Emma Leah?} so we are trying to decide which fits best... whether Liza Jane works after all, and if not, whether it should be Emily Ann or Emma Leah... hey, I can always save Liza Jane for the next one ;)

As for Mathilda, we tried that with Betty Jean's chocolate daughter but it wasn't quite right, my friend Mary kept insisting that Mathilda should be a gray donkey, not a chocolate... that baby ended up being Madeline and as you know that is perfect! So Betty Lou's lil girl, being the very next gray girl... yup she is Mathilda, and she seems to like it!


small farm girl said...

Oh my! I do believe I just fell in love!!!!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Those are the cutest donkeys EVER. I want to steal them :)