Sunday, October 24, 2010

Empty Nest Update

Well our young lady called me out of the blue today, apparently she packed the wrong saddle pad and wanted to switch it out for the right one... and she took another load of her stuff out of the barn. I asked her if she was happier now and she said she was. In talking about the dog she left here, she said she would be back for him once she got settled... I wondered aloud why if she had a place she didn't have a place for him, and she said she doesn't have a place yet... I asked if she was sleeping in her truck and she said no, just here and there... but she doesn't give out any information. I knew she saw her sister, and I have seen facebook posts from her, so I knew she was still alive...

At this point I have been pretty successful at the whole "let go and let God" thing, and there really IS peace in my home!!! AND, we are a little excited about our plans for redecorating now that we finally have our empty nest!

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