Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And More Baby Donkey Pics

I took off work early on Monday to get home before the hottest part of the day, when the sun gets under the edge of the shades in the baby pens, so I could move Mathilda and her mother into the smaller pen where the cooler was hooked up, and watch the moms so they didn't fight, like we did Sunday. It was a cloudy day and as I drove toward home, it got darker... and darker... and darker... about a quarter mile from home, the sky sprung a leak and boy was it a gully-washer... it rained so hard I couldn't see the road under my Jeep! The windshield wipers were about useless and I almost missed my own driveway, thank God for our BIG mailbox! Out of the Jeep to open the gate, dogs are panicking - did I mention the thunder and lightning??? Park the Jeep and run back out to close the gate... by this time I am soaked to the skin, wow what a rain...

I left my phone, purse and everything in the Jeep and ran for the donkey garden... turned OFF the cooler first thing, sure don't need that right now! And thankfully the babies are each standing, under their covers where it's almost dry, and on the lee side of mama - even the mama who won't nurse was shielding her baby from the rain. Nothing more I can do at this point and I am shivering from the cold rain, so in the house to a warm shower and dry clothes I went! Oh, and warm food too! That is, once I got past the 14 dogs in out tiny laundry room LOL.

After a while the rain calmed down and eventually stopped, so out I immediately went with the camera to check on the babies again. Found Emily Ann happily nursing her igloo mama... {yes finally decided on a name for our lil spot}

And since yesterday there were more pictures of the first baby, today there are more pictures of the second baby...

Can you imagine how happy I am to see THIS?

Yup she's got a good grip - she's on the OFF side!

And of course I didn't have the camera at the time, but once I went out and found her nursing from the REAR - between mama's back legs!

She looks SO MUCH like Clementine...

Um excuse me... donkeys do NOT like rain!!!!!

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Mikey said...

They are so cute!!!