Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My New Venture

Recently I traded some of my horseshoe butterflies to a gal who was making rhythm beads for horses... and, she made matching "mane clips" so I got those too in my sets, and she made them on alligator clips to attach to the mane hair. Well for years we have been making red ribbons (for horses that kick) using those same alligator clips! I got to thinking and came up with another idea... mane AND tail clips! I made up matching sets for TEAM HAG for the endurance ride, in team colors (teal, for our member who is fighting ovarian cancer) and black (because it's a good background for the teal!) They were a big hit so I made a bunch more... here is a sample, close up:

And here you can get an idea of all the different colors!

As you can tell I've been busy with this. I am hoping to sell quite a few of them at our AzBCR fundraiser ride, at which we are also having a tack swap meet... they also make nice gifts - I like to give them to people who do something nice for me - like my friend Kandace who drives me and my horse to gaited class on Friday nights and won't let me pitch in for fuel! Her Yankee got a royal purple set to match everything else he has - and boy does it look smashing in his palomino gold mane and tail!

Randy said he was a little worried about me when I was telling him that I had named some of my designs - for instance, red, orange and yellow is "Light My Fire", and I made an Arizona Sunrise, an Arizona Sunset (including the first star), and an Arizona Dusk (with more stars) - and a "Midnight Monsoon" out of grey and black, complete with lightning (white beads)! I even made one out of orange and white and call it "Dreamsicle" after the ice cream bars LOL!

They are so much fun to make, I can't seem to stop! And only $5.00 for tails, $3.00 for manes, and a total of $7.00 for a set, mix or match. And they won't cost much to mail either so if you horsey people out in blogger land want a set for YOUR horse... just e-mail me at, and let me know what color! If you want to see some others close up I can take more pictures...


Mikey said...

They're beautiful! Great for parades and such! Very cool!

small farm girl said...

I love them! You really need to paten them. You could really go far with those!I can see them now in my horse catalogs.