Friday, February 26, 2010

A "Feeling" Confirmed!

Tonight I found out that Dillon's paternal grandfather is quite the famous donkey! I was talking to a breeder in East Texas whose jack is actually a cousin of my Dillon and he was telling me about some of the donkeys in Dillon's pedigree. I am VERY pleasantly surprised and amazed!

You see when I got Dillon, the plan was to buy a couple of weanling jacks to bring back and sell to help finance our trip to Texas. But when I got him home, there was just something about him, and I ended up selling my older jack and keeping him instead.

This means that Moses, Clementine, Madeline, Jeffrey, Charles and Benjamin have a famous great-grandfather!

Nice to know that "feeling" was worth listening to!

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Mikey said...

I'm not surprised. There's something really standout about Dillon. I've always thought so. He's just got that special something about him. You know how much I like that little guy :)