Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fence Project Update

Lindsey came out last night so we went up to Wickenburg for breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe and stopped in at Matt't to get some hay... then she took the black and white male pup home with her, the friend who is leasing Paint Mare and lives out in Queen Creek wants to see if her dachsund will tolerate sharing her parents :) That's 2 down and 2 to go!!! Actually I had a call on the little female as well, but the people are moving Monday so wanted to wait until after that to pick her up, didn't want to confuse the poor pup by moving her twice... as for the little blonde short-haired male, if I get "stuck" ;) with one of them, he's the one I won't mind - SSHHH don't tell Randy LOL (as if he doesn't already know!)

After all that, I still had a very productive day today... got yet another section of fence done! This was the 5th and now there are only TWO left!!! Yes I've been busy, too busy to do fence on weekends for a bit so I took several days of working a short time at night and got the 4th section done...

You can see the wooden posts on the left which is where the old (wrong) fence line was, and the new fence on the right. Look how much space we are reclaiming!

Standing at the old fence, I have cut the end and removed the first few posts until I had enough loose wire to drag to the new fence line and block the gap - got to keep the dogs in the yard!!!

Looking south from my stopping point, again the wooden posts show the old fence line on the left, and you can see the new fence on the right...

This is looking north at the two sections I have left to do...

But it will be a bit because tomorrow I am going riding! And this coming weekend is the endurance ride in SONOITA! And the weekend after that is the annual fundraiser ride for AZBCR ( so I'll be too busy for fence!

My hands are ok with that though, they are pretty sore from all the gripping and twisting required to move this fence... and I don't think my knees or my back will be complaining about the break either!

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