Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yup, Ride, Ride, Ride!!!

Friday night was my first class with Katie. After 8 years of riding my gaited horse, I figured it's about time I learned how... it was different than I expected but I can see that we are both going to learn a lot. And we were both pretty tired after that! Didn't get home to bed until about 1am and back up at 5:30 to be ready for Tammy and Savannah to pick me up for a ride out at Courthouse Rock.
A Katie earcam as we head towards Courthouse Rock in the morning

Our group - can you find me?

Here I am :)

Just an example of the petroglyphs we saw at the lunch stop

Love this shot of the sun going down behind Courthouse Rock as we returned to the trailers

Then today we went over to the Anthem Trail and rode over to Pioneer Village for lunch. Luna came to the trailhead in Tammy's trailer and they have a rear tack so she had to back out, which she is not used to, when she was little she fell getting out of the trailer and since then she is pretty hesitant, and she likes to come out head first and see where she is going. Tried and tried to get her to back out and she was smashing me against the manger so they swung out the saddle rack and folded the wall out of the way so she could turn aruond, once she saw the outside she pretty much bolted out of the trailer and I was right in her way. So I can say now that my mare has an odd talent - most horses step on your toes and you kind of expect that... well Luna has now stepped on my HAND (remember last July?) and now, she has stepped on my leg - about 4 inches ABOVE the ankle! Took the skin off THROUGH MY PANTS AND SOCK! Once on the trail, Luna was a handful so we both worked pretty hard but we got through it and all's well that ends well... she had a good lesson on walking where GRANDMA tells her to, and I didn't get upset or angry or scared, so I'm proud of handling her. She's grown again and she's such a big girl, sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing at my age riding this mare... but she's my girl and she's stuck with me!!!

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