Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My "New" Old Job... And Other Updates

Well we are into the second week after the change in the law firm I work for. So far I'm doing pretty good. I'm a lot busier than I ever was before, I'm used to finishing my work pretty much every day but that doesn't happen any more. Of course I have LOTS of leftovers from the old job to take care of, on top of learning the new stuff from the new job, AND doing all my normal work. Feels like 3 jobs in one right now. Which is just a comment, NOT a complaint - oh no, I am QUITE thankful to still have a job! When we first learned of the breakup of the old firm I thought I'd be unemployed come the new year. So no complaining here! And actually once we get things figured out, some of the stuff that the new firm has will save me a bunch of time, so it's all good!

As for Randy, the VA continues dragging their heels. We thought we'd have an answer after the Voc Rehab appointment last week, but instead they sent him home with a couple of "projects" to complete and come back again this week... I really don't care any more WHAT they decide, either option would at least get us going in a new direction. I just wish they would DECIDE!!!! This waiting is so hard on both of us.

PS my new donkey has figured out the food thing - the golf cart is no longer scary as it bring the food, and if somone won't share a feeder with her, she knows where there is another that will ALSO have food in it! Haven't decided on a name yet though...

And the puppies can't be ready to go soon enough for me. I'd like my kitchen back (even if Randy is the main cook). I'm in the habit of giving my pups "baby names" - I've got to call them something while they are here, and I don't know what their new owners will decide until we actually meet them - and so far none of the pups are spoken for yet.

Hilary has dubbed this one "Mr. Lucky" since he is the only survivor of Darci's litter, but me, I call him fuzzbutt or fuzzy wuzzy ;)

The smallest one but he has more hair than the other three combined!

Angel and AJ

Ditto's got an itch...

No pictures of it but this pup thinks he is a coyote or maybe a hound dog - when he wants his mama, he tips his little nose up in the air and HOWLS like you wouldn't believe!

Angel sleeping so sweet...

...until the flash went off. Hey! That was bright!!!

The three blondies playing


Stinkin' cute though aren't they?

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They are super adorable!!!