Friday, January 22, 2010

Donkey Floaties? Rowboat? ARK?????

When the pictures would have been best, it was raining too hard to risk the camera outside AND I was busy digging trenches to drain water out of pens, and moving shivering wet minis as out-of-the-wind as I could get them... now I am wishing I had tried to get some pictures. Had 4 minis spend the night in the trailer last night, and they got hold of some of my stuff and trompled it in the wet mushy poop {sigh}. Had 5 minis (the 2 mamas, 2 babies and the VERY pregnant jennet) spend the night in Randy's container where he parks his 4-wheeler, to get them out of the weather. They were not real happy locked in a dark box but at least they were warm and dry (and thank God Mary Ellen did NOT have her foal in this storm)! The 4-wheeler spent the night under the carpor where my Jeep usually is, because the Jeep was down the street at my friend Mary's, who brought me the rest of the way home (through the wash running over the road) in her 4x4 pickup. Hilary's car spnt hte night at the boyfriend's, he brought HER home in his Bronco... it was pretty wet around here! No wash on my property like Mikey has but it was bad enough even so...

And wow my legs ache, big rubber boots and a lot of walking in thick deep mud used some muscles I don't usually use that hard! But this morning it looks a lot better and some happy donkeys were sprung from the trailer and container :)


small farm girl said...

Wow!!! That sounds horrible! I'm glad you guys haven't floated away. I know what you mean about the tired legs and the mud. We have mud everywhere!!!!

Hope you dry up soon.

Oh, pictures WOULD have been nice. heheheheehehehe. You need a camera crew to follow you around. Maybe have your own reality series. lol

Pony Girl said...

Crazy! I used my imagination to picture it all. It doesn't sound pretty. I am glad you had alternatives for all your critters to stay safe, dry, and warm. I imagine it can get a little hectic at times like this! Hang in there!