Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's a Mom To Do?

Lindsey came by my work today to borrow my hoof nippers for her lil guy Bijou... Hilary came with. I wasn't sure why but Linz said Hil brought her while their dad was working on HER truck... She didn't have much to say and when they were leaving Linz kept hugging me goodbye (hint hint) finally Hil came over and gave me a hug... I hugged her back and said "I still love you, even when I don't like what you are doing" and she said "I love you too, I told you that when I left".

So far as I know she still doesn't have a place to live, just staying a night or two with a friend here and there... which makes me so uncomfortable! I just keep reminding myself, she is an adult now, and, chant it with me...

There Is Peace In My Home
There Is Peace In My Home
There Is Peace In My Home

Eventually there will be peace in my soul too, but it would sure help if I knew she was settled somewhere...

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Debby said...

It's awful. I know it's awful. The thing that you really have to keep in mind is that bringing her back into your home does NOT help. It is painful to watch my own child struggle, and there were times that I thought that my heart would literally break. But it did not. You tell that girl you love her and you pray every day for her. And you wait for her to pick herself up. Once she's responsible for the consequences of her actions, perhaps she'll think them through, just a little bit better.