Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been depressed for 2 days and today I figured out why... because as I requested, Andria let me know when she arrived in town... which was Tuesday at about 4:30. Since, because of her plans and my life, I didn't get to actually SEE her until about that time today, once I did see her I realized that knowing she was here, and I was MISSING her, for 48 hours, was depressing...

So I'll throw it off and enjoy her visit, short as it will be. Tomorrow we ride, us four girls, like we used to :) Yup the younger girls are willing to get out of bed early to come and ride with their SISTER {they won't do it for just their old mom} - should be a great day, we haven't been able to ride all together since San Diego in June 2009!

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