Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chi Pups - Eyes Open!

I am still fighting withmy camera so some of the pictures aren't the greatest but you will get the idea...
Well, eyes are not open when one is sleeping!

This is Vada's fawn boy... and the batteries died before I got a closeup of the girl! (But she looks quite a bit like this one.)

Vada's black and white boy

Darci's fawn boy - look at all that hair!!!

Vada watching me take pictures of the pups

Since the four pups were all together, Darci just fed them all... and actually, shortly before this, so did Vada!

Up on little legs instead of scooting on bellies!

Ty wondering why the little ones get all the attention (he actually blinked when I took this, his eyes were WIDE OPEN watching me take all the pictures of the otherse!)

Now the fun will start... once they can actually see and start walking around, they get SO CUTE! I got the black and white boy chewing on his brother's ear this afternoon. And, we have actually heard a couple of little barks already.

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Mikey said...

My gosh, they are getting big!! Happy Holidays to all y'all over there!
Best moment of my morning... watching Lexi freestyle over jumps with Mercy, and then go thru the hoop at Mercy's direction. Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Sweetest dog...