Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back From Among The Missing

Sorry, things have been SO HECTIC here... and to top it all off the video camera broke, and BOTH my little digital cameras are having issues. {gggrrrrrrrrrr}

So I bit the bullet and bought another camera. AND IT WORKS! I'm officially happy with it :)

Now if work would just slow down I could get back to blogging! I miss all my friends, haven't been keeping up on ANYBODY's blog any better than my own {embarrassed face here} I think about you all and miss you terribly though!!!

So some updates.

Work: Thought I was losing my job 12/31 but the good news is, I have a reprieve of 5-6 months that just might turn into permanent. So praying hard and would appreciate any and all added prayers! With Randy out of work since March I do NOT need to lose my job too! Have been busy as all get-out at work, organizing the division of our firm. The paperwork is unbelievable!!! Which means I have to actually work instead of blogging lol.

Critters: Darci's and Vada's pups are walking around, playing, eyes wide open, even growling and barking (but still mostly whining). Here's a sample and I have more so watch for me to add...

And one of the videos I have so far:


Randy: Things are looking up a bit, he had an interview today. So we are praying for a call back. It's not the best but a darn good opportunity for now considering he's had no other luck.

The Ranch: Since we finally got the small horse trailer and the Ford truck sold, we started some long overdue fence replacement. No working camera for before and after pics darn it. But between the two of us and a little assistance from Hilary when she got home we completed the first 100-foot section. Broke down and bought a new camera AND IT WORKS (ok, maybe i should say AND I CAN WORK IT) so I'll get some pictures up when we do the next 100-foot section. And the puppy pen is well on the way so will get some shots of that too.

Well I have been lots busier than it sounds but a lot of stuff that would bore y'all to tears so I'll say goodnight for now.

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