Friday, July 10, 2009

Got Buck???

Luna does! And I did! Yup my baby girl bucked me off yesterday, just 10 minutes into our first ride of the 4-day weekend :( AND she stepped on my hand! Had my helmet on but of course did NOT hit my head... Oh no, hit my HIP and wow the bruise... Skinned up my left arm pretty good too. I'd go ahead and ride through the rest of it but that stepped-on hand has no strength and if she decides to blow again I'll be toast one-handed... so no more riding for me this weekend :(

Worst part is, I KNEW BETTER! Haven't been on her in a week, just had a long trailer ride up to Flagstaff, set up camp and go for a quick ride... Hilary says, "I want to go fast!" I say, "That is NOT a good idea..." I've only loped Luna a few times and only at the end of a long trail ride when she is already tired... She is young and energetic and a happy girl - did NOT buck to be mean!! But boy did she BUCK!!!!

Please... send chiropractic thoughts ;)

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